Unpretentious Networking


Unpretentious Networking – July 2020

Filming Brief

We would like to invite you to contribute to a documentary based around Online Networking as we collate a series of short interviews based on the lockdown period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is a unique situation where the whole world is being affected by the same affliction.

We would like to capture how people in different businesses are dealing with it and highlight the similarities and differences.

What is happening now may change the future, our ways of working, living, and the way we see each other.

We are asking people to video record short responses to a few significant questions. 

There is no cost to be involved, but we ask that submitting the videos grant us permission to use them in the project, potentially broadcast and possibly be shared through your social media channels where appropriate.

The due date for video submission is August 7th, 2020. NEW DEADLINE 11th September, 2020.

Unpretenious Networking – July 2020


  1. Read the questions, choose the ones you prefer, and ponder your answers.
  • Use your smart phone to video record your answers and take some context shots.
  • Save each video and title it with your full name and the number of the clip. (Ex. James1, James2, James3)
  • Upload your video clips to
  1. Send through WeTransfer (by making a free account.) https://wetransfer.com/sign-up?trk=Splashpage_freeaccount&tier=free
    1. Or alternative means eg. Dropbox, Vimeo
    2. Upload via Google Drive to this link:

We will then edit together sections from each person, either into a montage along with others expressing similar thoughts or as stand-alone pieces. 


  • Use a background that reflects your culture and your environment.
  • Interviewee has light source in front of them.
  • You can film indoors or outdoors, providing your current situation allows.
  • Use the same background for all clips.
Green Screen Not Needed


Below we have some basic guidelines that will help you with the practical side of filming using your smart phone in the current situation.

  • Film with the best resolution phone you have.
  • Keep external noises to a minimum when possible.
  • Be sure the video is in focus.
  • It is best if the interviewee is standing.
  • Do not use the electronic zoom on your camera.

Film horizontally (landscape mode) not vertically (portrait mode)

Be sure you can see the whole head and shoulders with the head located in the upper right or upper left of the screen.

The videographer holds the camera with two hands, leaning against a wall for support. Do not film with a bright light source behind your interviewee.


We want viewers to get a feel of your environment. Please film 6-8 details from around your environment (house or yard) that capture the uniqueness of you and where you are located such as plants, books, pictures, pets, games, art, view out of the window etc.

  • Each detail should be filmed for 30-45 seconds
  • Hold the phone steady for the 30-45 seconds
  • Stand close to the objects while filming


  • There are no right or wrong answers.
  • You can refer to the current situation in your answers or answer more broadly.
  • You can film each of the answers separately.


  1. Your Name and Business
  2. Your 40-60 Second Pitch like on Unpretentious Networking.
  3. What have you learned from networking in the new normal?
  4. What do you like about networking* online during Covid?
  5. What don’t you like about networking* during Covid?
  6. What positives will you take forward?
  7. What advice would you tell yourself if you could go back in time before lockdown?
  8. If you wish to share an interesting story about something that happened to you or you experienced during lockdown – now’s your chance…

*networking referring to Unpretentious Networking

Please confirm your participation by email to info@rainbowtroutfilms.com by September 11th , 2020. We can send you a PDF of this document on receipt of your email.

Thank you.

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