The Inflight Food Trip

A 6 part documentary series

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Our feature documentary film aims to lift the lid on Airplane food, as we discover exactly what goes into getting a meal to you at 35,000FT.

The Inflight Food Trip documentary will look at the history of airline food and how airlines have adapted their offering for the modern day traveller. We will mix fascinating interviews with airlines, catering professionals, airline crew past and present, passengers and some famous faces for this sky-high culinary adventure.

We follow airline food guru Nik Loukas around the globe as we discover what is going into keeping everyone fed at 35,000ft every day. Our journey takes us behind the scenes with the airlines, as we look at many of the factors that play a part airline food, and what the airlines do to stand out from their competitors and put their personal stamp on the food that’s served. From food presentations in Tokyo to a food tasting event in New York, each airline has a unique story to tell.

We have secured agreements to go behind the scenes with some of the world’s biggest airlines and inflight caterers. The film plans to highlight how airlines, among them Air Baltic, SAS, Air France, develop menus in line with modern gastronomic trends, train their in-flight chefs, and occasionally manage to convince travellers to pay more for an enhanced meal experience. “The Inflight Food Trip” will also dive into the surprising history of airline food, which dates all the way back to 1919.

Our purpose is to tell stories. Each airline we feature has a unique perspective and tale to tell on how they produce passenger meals. Airline food no doubt suffers from a negative reputation, but good or bad the level of planning and expert execution behind every slice of tomato, every piece of pasta put onto a plane is extraordinary. “We want to reveal the behind-the-scenes pressure and precision of this overlooked industry that’s key to the modern air travel experience. The ‘stars’ of our film will be not just the airlines, but also cabin crews, inflight caterers, and the general public.”

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Nik Loukas (Presenter/Producer) created as an online guide for passengers who wanted to know more about the food available on various flights. The site includes features covering menu information, meal reviews, and notes from Loukas’ own globetrotting culinary adventures working with the airlines. Loukas has been quoted in publications like Vogue, The New York Times, and Conde Nast Traveler. He’s also a regular columnist for UK magazine Onboard Hospitality and has contributed articles on airline food trends to CNN Travel and Yahoo Travel.

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