Terms & Conditions for Video Production

Terms and Conditions

Post Production, Editing and Delivery

After all necessary footage is captured and support graphics, music tracks, etc. are collected, we will move forward with post-production. Once completed, we will upload the video files for you to review.

Quoted Fees Note

The above is based on information received to date. We will do our best to look for opportunities to exceed your expectations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have very open lines of communication so that projects do not exceed budget limitations. (Please note, the above quotation has included any mileage, food expenses, within the 12% production fee)

If during the course of a project we detect areas that may cause budget overruns (typically from the addition of content or shoot days not initially accounted for) we will advise the client immediately and will make the necessary adjustments to either the project scope and/ or budget.


The proposed budget(s) above includes 2 rounds of revisions to the video as long as these are made within the scope of the initial brief. After these rounds, additional revisions can be made at our normal editing rate. Any feedback must be submitted within 7 working days.

Archiving Footage

Once the project is complete and delivered to your satisfaction, we will archive all master files, project files and raw footage. This will be stored and backed up on our drives should a re-purposed or re-edited opportunity arise in the future.


We will set dates required to deliver your video on time and within budget.

Roles and Responsibilities

We agree to use our best efforts to fulfil and exceed your expectation on the deliverables listed in your proposal. You agree to aid us in doing so by making available to us required information pertaining to your business and to cooperate with us in expediting the work.

Producer will:

  • Produce and supply the deliverables as outline in the proposal

Client will:    

  • Provide us with everything that we’ll need to complete the project – including text, images and other information – as and when we need it and in the format, we ask for. We require any brand guidelines to be sent in writing prior to production so we have time to ensure accuracy.
  • Agree to review our work, provide feedback and approval in the agreed timelines. Deadlines work two ways and you’ll also be bound by any dates that we set together.
  • Agree to stick to the payment schedule set out in your proposal.
  • Source any talent and liaise with businesses featured within the video.

Payment Terms

Rainbow Trout Films policy is to receive 50% of the proposed budget upon receiving signed approval of this agreement. This deposit must be paid before work can begin on your project and to confirm our availability. The final balance will be due no later than 14 days after the project has been approved and all digital copies have been delivered.

Termination of Agreement

This Agreement may be terminated by either Party by giving the other Party fourteen (14) calendar days prior written notice. In the event of a material breach of this Agreement by either Party, the non-breaching Party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon giving written notice to the breaching Party. 

Immediately upon termination of this Agreement the Producer will cease performing its obligations. Within seven (7) days of the termination, the Client will pay to the Producer fees for all work performed prior to the date of termination at a rate of £80 GBP per hour, less any amount previously paid.

Entire Agreement

The Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement of the Parties. Amendments may be made by written agreement of both parties. You can’t transfer this contract to anyone else without our permission. This contract stays in place and need not be renewed. If for some reason one part of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of it remain in place.


Any claim or controversy arising out of the Agreement will be referred at the request of either Party to a Mediator. If the dispute is not settled first through Mediation, the Parties will be bound to enter into Arbitration in the United Kingdom. Both Parties agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator.

Governing law

This Agreement will be governed by and constructed in accordance with United Kingdom laws.


Rainbow Trout Films agrees that all information pertaining to your business/organisation including marketing plans and internal operations shall be held in strict confidence and used only for the purpose of carrying out the obligations of this agreement.

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