Ripponden Christingle 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for our community.

Ripponden Christingle

Bringing you a taste of tradition at Christmas.

As we cannot have a normal Christingle service this year, we are trying to give you the next best thing that we can.

Our special service was premiered on this page and you tube on Christmas eve.

Rewatch below

Pupils from Barkisland, Ripponden and Rishworth St. John’s have joined together with our parish priest Reverend Stephen Southgate to present a virtual joint Christingle service for us all to enjoy and celebrate Christmas.

Children from each of the three schools have filmed a carol and a reading and we’ll be all lighting our candles to the traditional carol ‘Away in a Manger’ so please have your Christingle ready!

The Christingle service was launched at 5.30pm on Christmas Eve

What is Christingle?

Christingle is a candle-lit festive celebration that’s perfect for bringing families and communities together. It was first invented by the Moravian church in
the 1700s but the celebration as we know it was introduced to the Church of England by The Children’s Society in the 1960s. Pupils will explain more in our virtual service.

All donations received help children in need have better lives.

If you would like to donate then please visit:

Ripponden Christingle premiered here at 5:30pm on 24th December 2020

Promo – Ripponden Christingle Service  Christmas Eve 2020

Rewatch – Ripponden Christingle Service 2020

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