Rainbow Trout Films Wins Two Awards for Community Films

We are thrilled to announce that Rainbow Trout Films has won two new awards for our community films!

The first award is for our event highlights film of the 2022 Calderdale Commercial Spirit Awards. The film captures the excitement and energy of the event, and we are honored that it has been recognized.

The second award is for our documentary film about the Elland Happiness Lab project. The film tells the story of how this community-led project is working to improve the lives of people in Elland. We are grateful to Samantha McCormick and her team for sharing their story with us, and we are proud to have helped to tell it.

Community is very important to us at Rainbow Trout Films. We believe that film can be a powerful tool for bringing people together and creating change. We are excited to continue working on projects that celebrate and support our communities.

What is Communitas?

Communitas Awards are an annual awards program that recognizes individuals, organizations, and companies that are making a positive impact on their communities. The awards are presented by the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility (AMCP), a non-profit organization that promotes responsible business practices.

The Communitas Awards are open to all organizations and individuals, regardless of size or location. There are a variety of categories, including community service, corporate social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. Winners are selected by a panel of judges who are experts in the field of social responsibility.

Rainbow Trout Films

In our films, we strive to capture the spirit of communitas. We want to show how people can come together to make a difference in their communities. We believe that film can be a powerful tool for building community and creating change, and we are committed to using our skills to make a positive impact on the world.

We are grateful to our team and our clients for their support. We look forward to continuing to work on projects that celebrate and support our communities.